First phase of
Sumba Photo Stories

The process of introducing the camera, taking pictures and learning to tell stories

February 6, 2020

Camera Introduction and Courage to Try

How to hold the camera, and put a strap around the neck is the first thing we tell the children, and we often tell repeatedly, so that it can be done to keep the camera they use from falling and always safe within the reach of their hands .

Yoni, who is in grade 4 (Lapinu Distant Class, Matawai Katingga Public Elementary School), is very active and loves taking pictures. when given the opportunity to try the camera, several times he was still confused as to which button was pressed, then how to see the images.

After 5-10 shots, Yoni began to be more fluid and more flexible to take pictures, he took pictures of his friends, his teacher, then domestic animals such as pigs, chickens, and horses. Some zoom-in and zoom-out attempts still fail because the camera is shaking.

We assigned Yoni and her friends to take notes on each photo they took, and later the notes can be supplemented with supplementary information so that they can be arranged into a complete story.

Children are freed to take pictures of objects they like, and tell what they take pictures in front of their friends.

Freedom of expression

When the training had not yet begun, we were shocked,
because in reality, there were no photos of them at home.

It was probably one of the euphoria, when they had the opportunity to take pictures, they took pictures of their friends.

Sumba Photo Stories Kelas Lapinu

Eksplorasi Cerita Desa dari Anak-anak

Photography is a medium, the courage to talk and tell stories through photographs is an investment in knowledge and interaction with the environment and society.