Lapinu Without Photos

January 31, 2020

When we meet the children in Lapinu’s distant class, we ask about the photos they have at home, and it turns out that no one raises their hands that they have photos at home.

Currently they are taking part in the #SumbaPhotoStories first phase training, by getting introductory material about the camera, to telling stories with photos, their enthusiasm was high when they first had the opportunity to use the camera. Curiosity, curiosity plus a little bit of shame to the facilitator’s brother finally melted away when they started trying until the first 10 shots.

They have already taken pictures of friends, schools, hill views to their homes in the village. Hopefully at home Lapinu village children soon have a photo display, the results of their own shots.

#sumbaphotostories #kawanbaikindonesia #fairfuturefoundation #kawanpintar #kammanggih

Photo by @ AmaDJ.25

Perkenalkan nama saya Joni

saya sedang menggambar bapak mama saya berpegangan tangan

nama mama saya hudang.

nama bapak saya, karena saya masih anak kecil saya tidak tahu lagi sekarang bapak ada di mana

sampai sekarang belum tahu.

mereka sedang pegangan tangan pergi ke sumur untuk menimba air mandi

habis itu bapak menimba air untuk mama, (lalu) mama mandi