The First Step

Dare to Tell Story

Introducing what is often seen, get closer to what they have experienced.

What do you want to capture?

In the Sumba Photo Stories training process, storytelling is one of the abilities that is trained for each student, because each student must be able to tell the photo that he captured.

This training begins with the question, “What do you want to capture?”. Then proceed with drawing on paper about what you want to photograph, as part of the children’s process of finding out what will be photographed.

In this initial phase,
we allow children to create stories about what they want to capture as they like, with the narrative language they like and allowed imaginative stories. This is to stimulate the quantity of writing and also the freedom of its imaginative power.

But in the next phase, the story must be in accordance with reality and not allowed to make it up. Every story is purely the thing that the child really wants to say, not a fiction, or a narration made by someone else.


Listen carefully to Joni’s story

When asked to describe what he wanted to photograph,
Joni turned out to bring some hope with his pen.

Hope for the presence of his whole family together.

Expect romance to come!

He hopes to photograph a moment of intimacy between his parents who are holding hands … While the father helps draw water from the well, so that the mother can also wash.

When asked to finish the story, Jonii added his mother’s name, but unfortunately, he does not know his father’s name to date. What he says is that since he was a child, he has not known where his father is today.



Photo and Video taken by Kawan Gogon

Perkenalkan nama saya Joni

saya sedang menggambar bapak mama saya berpegangan tangan

nama mama saya hudang.

nama bapak saya, karena saya masih anak kecil saya tidak tahu lagi sekarang bapak ada di mana

sampai sekarang belum tahu.

mereka sedang pegangan tangan pergi ke sumur untuk menimba air mandi

habis itu bapak menimba air untuk mama, (lalu) mama mandi