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Virtual Tour – News From the East

Sumba is popularly known as an exotic island. Beautiful broad hills and savannas, stunning beaches, weaving or traditions of pasola horses, all of which become the prima donna of tourism. But have we ever thought about how sumba people's daily life is behind its...

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Sumba Photo Stories – Kabar dari timur

Fair Future - Kawan Baik Indonesia | January 12, 2021 / Gogon, Vifick, Elisa, Alex and all children from East Sumba Online virtual exhibition until 20.03.2021. What is the most urgent, the biggest problem? You just have to ask them. Thanks for this photo project, the...

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In rural sumba area

In rural sumba area, dirt and rocky roads are very unfriendly, especially when entering the rainy season. Sometimes it must be prepared by installing corn skins so that the wheels of the vehicle do not slip. this is a photo of @amadj.films returning home from a remote...

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The spirit of photographing

The spirit of shooting to the bottom of the stilt house or interrupted by a fence in the garden, Approximately, what are they photographing? Let's wait for the virtual exhibition... ? @vifickbolang #sumbaphotostories #sumbapunyacerita #fairfuturefoundation...

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Write a story about photos

Writing a story about photos is one of the main materials in Sumba Photo training Stories. In this photo, Lapinu students are learning to write their story, then also tell me about the picture in front of another friend. Want to know the story from the photos of the...

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Sumba Photo Stories berlanjut di tengah Pandemi

Sebuah program yang diinisiasi untuk memberikan pengetahuan dan keterampilan baru dalam bertutur dan bercerita melalui medium fotografi, dan juga menjadi mercusuar informasi tentang cerita keseharian anak-anak di Sumba, terutama di wilayah terpencil (rural area)....

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